Are you naked on the internet? Beware the Snappening #whatsgooingon

Well it seems like the never ending stream of security leaks online is in no way abating. The Mayans were right: just a couple of weeks after ‘the fappening’ we have now come to ‘the snappening’. What’s been gooing on?

  • Around 90,000 Snapchat images stolen from a 3rd-party app.
  • How to stop your customers from abandoning their online shopping carts.
  • Open source drone platform announced by the Linux Foundation.
  • Is programmatic advertising stifling creativity?

The Snappening

After Heartbleed, the Poodle bug, the Fappening and all the other recent security breaches, you might be forgiven for thinking we had been Y2K’d out for the foreseeable future. But no, thanks to 3rd-party service we now face the coming of the Snappening. Up to 13GB or about 90,000 pictures have been leaked on to the internet, many containing underage images that constitute child pornography. There are some questions as to whether was hacked or whether it was somehow complicit although at the moment not much is known and the anonymous administrator of snapsaved denies the allegations.

Take away: Aside from the many innocent people that this will impact, this is a serious problem for Snapchat. Even though it claims that its security wasn’t breached and that 3rd-party websites breach its ToS, Snapchat is receiving a lot of criticism for its security. This is a service that builds itself on security and privacy and this will surely lower public trust in their service.

Shopping Cart Named Desire

Anyone who has run an online shop will be familiar with the sense of despair at seeing two-thirds of shopping carts abandoned. What can you do to improve those stats? According to Angus Lynch at Entrepreuner is to focus on the people who are causing you the heartache: the cart abandoners.

Take away: rather than seeing people who abandon shopping carts as opportunities lost, see them as a key demographic. Find a way to tap into those customers to take your store to the next level.

Androne? Open Source Linux Platform for Drones

Drones are one of the buzzwords of 2014. We have small wearable drones that detach from your wrist and take a selfie, Amazon and Dominoes are trying to deliver things with drones and some people have taken to shooting them out of the sky. Now the Linux Foundation is doing its part to bringing drone technology to the filthy masses by announcing its open source platform for drone enthusiasts.

Take away: Are you interested in drones? Are you considering building your own private army of floating minions with a view to world domination? Planning to race drones in homage to Star Wars?

Or do you just want to spy on your neighbours? Well whatever you answered you are in luck because all those things are about to get easier.

Is programmatic advertising stifling creativity?

In the modern world of automated, digitized advertising algorithms and ad delivery systems have taken many decisions out of the hands of advertisers. Has the programmatic nature of online advertising turned former creative Don Drapers into data-loving Nate Silvers? Well, yes and no according to Business Insider.

Take Away: Programmatic ads and online ad delivery systems do put limitations on creativity but also create new possibilities for creativity. This article is worth a read for anyone with an interest in the state of modern advertising.

Have a gooi weekend!


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