Sony doomed, Google pulls out, 2014’s marketing trends #whatsgooingon

The logo of Sony Pictures

Sony Pictures is one of the biggest IT stories of the year and has naturally dominated the news cycle this week. We have sat and watched in horrified fascination as bizarre detail after bizarre detail comes to light. With it’s saucy combination of celebrity gossip, candid emails and movie specifics its pretty much news dynamite. However plenty of other stuff has also gone down.

  • Sony Pictures struck by one of the biggest hacks of all time
  • Google excludes Spanish media from Google News
  • Piratebay goes down
  • 2014 Marketing trends that won’t make it to 2015
  • Mark Zuckerberg considers ‘dislike’ button

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Disrupting the Health Industry

disrupting the health industry

In this week’s episode of Beyond the Business Card we talk to Jake Velie, author of Healthy For Life University’s Complete Transformation System. Jake recently joined the team at Gooihealth.

Jake, who has been working in development and consulting in the Medical and Wellness fields for over a decade, shares a wealth of insights into ways in which digital technology is disrupting the health industry.

The focus here isn’t on consumer products; its on the ways big pharma, medical research and health practitioners are beginning to explore what can be done with digital technology.



The Messaging Apps that Will Survive in 2015

Facebook acquired WhatsApp in October for 19 billion USD. Yik Yak, an app that lets you chat anonymously with people nearby, recently landed 62 million USD for their next round of funding.

The bottom line ?

Messaging apps aren’t just a hot sector right now. They’re scorching.

But expect those that don’t keep up with security features to fall by the wayside quicker than a hot potato – especially on the heels of Edward Snowden’s revelations in 2014 about the NSA’s surveillance techniques earlier this year.

Trouble is, whilst messaging apps like RetroShare, Signal, Silent Text, Telegram, TextSecure, or Wickr, have gone to market, leading the way in their use encryption technology to ensure chats remain private, they aren’t getting the user base they deserve.

And there’s the rub.

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Why Google+ and Black Friday failed #whatsgooingon

Bridge with a chain link fenceDecember is upon us and, while the focus has understandably been on politics, protests and the police this past week, a lot has gone on this week in the tech world. Here are some stories that might have fallen through the cracks:

  • Google+ failed due to limited vision according to a former designer
  • Retailers undermined Black Friday through their marketing
  • Firefox 34 launches with video chat
  • 5 innovative email policies used by corporations all over the globe

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Updated: The five best iPhone HealthKit apps on iOS December 2014

Two men arm wrestling

Two months ago we reported on our favorite iOS HealthKit apps at the time, but our choices were limited as most of the big apps took their sweet time to implement HealthKit. After a rough start, two months on things are looking a lot brighter as HealthKit adoption has improved. Now there seems to an almost endless supply of fitness apps wrestling for your disposable income.

Here is our new and updated list of our 5 favourite fitness trackers and health apps:
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I Crowdfunded Your Project and All I Got Was This Stupid T-shirt

Everyone’s heard of Kickstarter and Indiegogo in the last few years, right (if not, read our post here)? Many of us have probably even backed something we really wanted. Crowdfunding sites are great ways for a startup to get equity investors, customers, and brand ambassadors all baked into one.

Ten-dollar backers of the Oculus Rift got a sincere thank you from the team. But imagine if they had received company equity instead? That $10 could have turned into $1250. Wouldn’t you rather have $1250 in your pocket, than a thank you or a tshirt?

Pretty incredible. So why haven’t you heard of equity crowdfunding? And which option should you choose for your business?
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How to Build a Video Production Company


Nick Francis, Casual Films

This week we talk to the multi-award winning co-founder and creative director of Casual Films, Nick Francis.

Nick, who stumbled into a career in corporate film making along with pal Barnaby Cook after university, talks candidly about their early days as part of the DSLR revolution and how Casual has grown to the point where they’ve now opened a US office.

As well as giving an insight into the video production industry, Nick shares how he and Barnaby grew the business and professionalised their sales and development processes.

Links mentioned in the show:

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Social Media Manager on The Information

slim young adult holding a black blankboard

What’s been the biggest business mistake you or your clients have made? Today we kick off a new series where experts talk candidly about where they went wrong – anonymously, of course. Our experts learned something the hard way so you don’t have to.

The first in our confessional booth today is Madeleine, who discovered she should have done a better job of educating her superiors in the health industry.
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EU lawmakers propose extending right to be forgotten rule to dotcoms #whatsgooingon

pigeon street city

A late Happy Thanksgiving to our American readers! While most of you will be recovering from your turkey coma, the rest of the tech world has been rushing ahead as usual. What’s been up this week?

  • EU’s right to be forgotten to include .com websites?
  • Tumblr and Pinterest see biggest increase in user base
  • Uber’s user data collection on Android criticized
  • Android Pay coming to China

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