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Welcome to the show that’s that’s dedicated to digital, social and mobile for every small business.

This weekly podcast will be exploring the role of digital in business and how we as business owners need to be aware of innovations, strategies and tactics that we can employ to dramatically impact business.

In this first episode, which we probably should have called Episode #0 instead of #1, we – Jon & Bernie – introduce ourselves and the scope of the podcast.

The Co-Hosts

Bernie J. Mitchell, based in London, works at the cutting edge of business, digital and community. In particular, his focus is on how brands and organisations communicate with customers and communities?
As of 2014, Bernie’s also playing a big roll in the development of Mygooi and GooiBiz.

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Jon Buscall runs a digital marketing agency with a difference: the team are based in Stockholm, Barcelona, Bordeaux, Tokyo and Connecticut. Preferring to work with a pack of basset hounds under his desk, Jon has built a life-style agency where his fast-moving team are able to work on projects around the world out of coffee shops, home offices and shared workspaces. Jon and his motley crew of digerati spend a lot of time on Asana!


Both Jon and Bernie are experienced podcasters. Jon hosts the weekly Online Marketing & Communications award and, together with Estelle from Jontus, makes podcasts for clients in Sweden, the US and UK. In 2011 he co-hosted a show from Sweden which won the Best British Business Podcast at the European Podcast Awards.

Bernie’s show is Ouishare – Sharing Economy Radio. He also actively podcasts with the London Bloggers Meetup Podcast.

We hope you enjoy Beyond the Business Card.

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