Collaboration, Creativity and Social Vitamins

jazz rassol

We’re talking social vitamins and the complexity of collaboration and creativity with Jazz Rasool on this week’s Beyond the Business Card podcast.

Jazz, who admits to ditching his plan to be an astronaut in order to study the mind, was recently awarded European funding to develop “collaboration literacy.”

After the UK Riots a few years ago that began in London, Jazz worked with Police, community leaders and Volunteer organisations to help foster collaboration between authorities and the public.

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Disrupting the Health Industry

disrupting the health industry

In this week’s episode of Beyond the Business Card we talk to Jake Velie, author of Healthy For Life University’s Complete Transformation System. Jake recently joined the team at Gooihealth.

Jake, who has been working in development and consulting in the Medical and Wellness fields for over a decade, shares a wealth of insights into ways in which digital technology is disrupting the health industry.

The focus here isn’t on consumer products; its on the ways big pharma, medical research and health practitioners are beginning to explore what can be done with digital technology.



How to Build a Video Production Company


Nick Francis, Casual Films

This week we talk to the multi-award winning co-founder and creative director of Casual Films, Nick Francis.

Nick, who stumbled into a career in corporate film making along with pal Barnaby Cook after university, talks candidly about their early days as part of the DSLR revolution and how Casual has grown to the point where they’ve now opened a US office.

As well as giving an insight into the video production industry, Nick shares how he and Barnaby grew the business and professionalised their sales and development processes.

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Peter J Thomson Talks Funding & Investors

Peter J Thomson

Peter J Thomson

Digital Brand Strategist and author Peter J. Thomson, who is an advocate of equity crowdfunding & design thinking, guests Beyond the Business Card this week.

On the day he flew off to work with SeedInvest in New York to help startups promote their equity crowdfunding campaigns to investors, Peter, who is the author of Tickle: Digital marketing for tech companies, took time to talk to Bernie J. Mitchell and myself.

On the show we talk about that tricky subject of securing funding and attracting investors if you’re set on developing digital products.

The show’s worth listening to just for Peter’s tip about hashtags!


and if you love coffee, Peter’s coffee blog will tell you the best places to get a cup of java.


David Keene – Google!

David Keene, Google

David Keene, Google

David Keene is currently Google for Work’s Head of Marketing for the cold half of EMEA.

We caught up with David Keene a few days after the Google Atmosphere London event following on from Google’s announcement that Google Apps was now rebranded as Google For Work.

We talk about the switch from ‘Enterprise’ to ‘Work’ and how the strength in the economy is small agile enterprises (SMB’s).

David speaks of the ‘frisson’ (a new word for both Bernie and Jon!) emerging from technical and digital innovation in the Cloud.

Jon is curious to find out where the creativity is in an organisation and what is the relationship between technology, workflow and the extinction of hierarchy.

The connection between education, business, community and technology is a strong theme in this podcast.

To find out more about David, follow him on Twitter. And definitely you’ll be able to Google him!

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It’s not the technology, it’s the problem technology solves

Chris Bradley

Chris Bradley, founder of Publicate, took time to sit down and talk start-ups, digital and the importance of having a network with us for Episode 10. It’s definitely an episode for you if you’re thinking of setting off down the start up route.

Chris, featured on The Next Web’s Suitcase Startup, came up with the idea for Publicate, an online service that lets you collect, organise & share content that matters to you, whilst working in manufacturing in Amsterdam and Taiwan.

On the show, Chris shares his insights into the start-up trail and talks passionately about how he feels some entrepreneurs “dive in too quickly” without doing proper research, focusing on solutions and technological innovation rather than their users actual needs.

To find out more about Chris, follow him on Twitter. And definitely check out Publicate

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Mindfully Happy


This week I met Miia in the Olympic Park here near Gooi HQ in London tempted as I was to beg her to tell me how to be happy in 20 minutes we talked about how to slow down and not be upset. 

Miia has helped people develop their potential for over two decades. Her experience ranges from coaching to enhance well-being and performance; mentoring in professional sports; and consulting to support organisational capacity and innovation. Miia is an Academy of Executive Coaching accredited coach and has trained as a mindfulness practitioner with teachers from Bangor University Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice.


As we get into smiling and being happy with #Gooismile  I was keen to find out from Miia how we can be consistently happy rather than highs and lows. What and who do we need around us to be happy and it there anything we can do right now to get happy?

Of course it is not as fast as I would like it to be, but I really learnt some important points.

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A Very Scrumptious Business – The Grub Club

Food on the underground

One half of the Grub Club, Olivia Sibony, guests the show to talk about a new business idea that’s got London foodies itching to try a wide range of cuisine, prepared by chefs ranging from talented amateurs to Le Cordon Bleu trained, often in interesting and obscure spaces around London. The Grub Club also acts as a platform for new and aspiring restaurateurs looking to bring their ideas to market.

Olivia talks at length about how she and her business partner, Sid Vijayakumar, got the business up and running with the support of family and friends.

What’s more, on the eve of a crowdsourcing venture, Olivia gives us an insight into the role email, social media and the community have played in driving the Grub Club forward.

Some Grub Club ‘Big Data’ from the last 18 months – Grub Club have:

Worked with 450 venues across London

Worked with over 200 Chefs

Hosted over 1000 Grub Clubs

Served 20,000 people around 80,ooo plates of food

Poured 64,000 glasses of alcohol and broken just 12 glasses!

Seen 12 new romances and had ONLY one power cut!



Images courtesy of The Grub Club.


Google Got Glass Wrong

google glass
Swedish enterprise architect Stefan Kjellberg joins the show this week to discuss the current digital landscape.

Stefan KjellbergWith a career than spans product management, marketing, e-commerce and customer relations, Stefan brings some provocative suggestions to the show. Amongst other things he talks about how Google got it wrong by making Google Glass the wrong way round.

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