Collaboration, Creativity and Social Vitamins

jazz rassol

We’re talking social vitamins and the complexity of collaboration and creativity with Jazz Rasool on this week’s Beyond the Business Card podcast.

Jazz, who admits to ditching his plan to be an astronaut in order to study the mind, was recently awarded European funding to develop “collaboration literacy.”

After the UK Riots a few years ago that began in London, Jazz worked with Police, community leaders and Volunteer organisations to help foster collaboration between authorities and the public.

Although organisations were helping the community they weren’t collaborating with one another effectively -suffering from what Jazz came to call ‘Collaboration illiteracy’. Jazz modelled those that did work well with one another and found they followed a cycle of clear steps to connect and collaborate towards completion of their joint initiatives. He called the cycle of steps The Collaboration Cycle and the discipline that practically applied it, Collaboration Literacy.

On the show, Jazz discusses how this, and social vitamins, are impacting the way we work, the way we creative and the way we live.

Discover more about the Collaboration Cycle and Collaboration Literacy at

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