David Keene – Google!

David Keene, Google

David Keene, Google

David Keene is currently Google for Work’s Head of Marketing for the cold half of EMEA.

We caught up with David Keene a few days after the Google Atmosphere London event following on from Google’s announcement that Google Apps was now rebranded as Google For Work.

We talk about the switch from ‘Enterprise’ to ‘Work’ and how the strength in the economy is small agile enterprises (SMB’s).

David speaks of the ‘frisson’ (a new word for both Bernie and Jon!) emerging from technical and digital innovation in the Cloud.

Jon is curious to find out where the creativity is in an organisation and what is the relationship between technology, workflow and the extinction of hierarchy.

The connection between education, business, community and technology is a strong theme in this podcast.

To find out more about David, follow him on Twitter. And definitely you’ll be able to Google him!

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  1. Jaclyn Franchetti says

    Great podcast! I had never thought about how technology used to be better at the workplace than at home. This does make a huge difference when thinking on productivity. Thanks for sharing!

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