How to Succeed with a Kickstarter – An interview with Mats Horn


Episode #4 of Beyond the Business Card sees Ville Edgren, one of our agents of goo, interview Mats Horn about the success of a kickstarter campaign for the world’s smallest mobile phone: Tinitell.

Mats, who lives in Stockholm, Sweden, but was raised in the US, shares the story of how he came up with the idea of the Tinitell: the “iPod Shuffle of mobile phones”. Tinitell is a wearable mobile phone for kids. A wristphone that enables parents to easily keep in touch with their kids.

Mats Horn

Mats Horn

Getting Funding

Armed with a great idea, Mats needed funding to bring it to market so he turned to crowdfunding website Kidkstarter with a goal of raising $100,000.

Although the headlines back in May caught Gooi’s attention, exclaiming that he had reached his goal within just seven days, Mats talks on the podcast about the lengthy process he went through to get his kickstarter approved by the site.

In the show, Mats Horn shares some valuable insight into how to submit a proposal to Kickstarter, the kind of products he feels work best, as well as some actionable tips that will help you with your own crowdsourcing ventures.


Perhaps more importantly, it’s an inspiring story of the amazing opportunities that exist for businesses bootstrapping in the digital space and Horn’s journey as a product developer successfully attracting crowdfunding.

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