It’s not the technology, it’s the problem technology solves

Chris Bradley

Chris Bradley, founder of Publicate, took time to sit down and talk start-ups, digital and the importance of having a network with us for Episode 10. It’s definitely an episode for you if you’re thinking of setting off down the start up route.

Chris, featured on The Next Web’s Suitcase Startup, came up with the idea for Publicate, an online service that lets you collect, organise & share content that matters to you, whilst working in manufacturing in Amsterdam and Taiwan.

On the show, Chris shares his insights into the start-up trail and talks passionately about how he feels some entrepreneurs “dive in too quickly” without doing proper research, focusing on solutions and technological innovation rather than their users actual needs.

To find out more about Chris, follow him on Twitter. And definitely check out Publicate

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About the Photo

Thanks to Chris for striking a gooi pose ! And thanks to Georgia Patsouraki for taking such a great shot!


  1. Jaclyn Franchetti says

    This was a great podcast. It was good to hear Chris’s point of view! Hearing his difference between an audience and community was extremely insightful!

    If I could ask Chris one question it would be… What problem do you think the app yo solves or will solve?

    Thank you for sharing this podcast!

    • says

      Thanks Jaci ! I would definitely suggest you contact Chris to ask him this about Publicate !

      Thanks for listening.

      *Jon Buscall, PhD*
      Twitter: @jonbuscall
      Skype: jonbuscall
      Tel: +46 76 863 72 85

      [+] Add me to your address book

    • says

      bob-that chart is not a valid comparison. the CPI calculation was dramatically altered once in the 80's and once in 1992. (in both cases lessening reported CPI)the previous data was never normalized to this.thus, you cannot compare CPI now to CPI in the prior period and draw meaningful co9; like switching your speedometer from KMPH to MPH and claiming you slowed down.

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