Samba, Football and Social Media: Eye On the Brazilian Market

brazil-flagThe biggest market in Latin America, Brazil, is both challenging and full of amazing potential for tech development. Last week we looked at Latin American social media trends, but today we are focusing on Brazil. With last year’s World Cup and the 2016 Rio Games, Brazil looks set to stay in the global limelight for the next two years at least. While Brazil has shown a lot of positive growth, it is not without challenges. Any business thinking about entering Brazil will have to decide how to best reach Brazilian customers. Below is a primer to help you make the right decision to get the best bang for your marketing buck.

The hype from Ipanema

Brazil has received a lot of hype recently and has been dubbed the “the new social media capital of the universe” by the Wall Street Journal. It’s easy to see why:

So obviously Brazil has a lot going for it in terms of social media and ecommerce growth. As mentioned in last week’s posts, social media and Facebook in particular hold a dominant position. This is especially true in Brazil but there are many upstarts in the Brazilian market that have seen record growth in the last year.

Brazil and Facebook

Brazil and YouTube

Brazil and Linkedin

Brazil and Twitter

Brazil and Orkut

  • Orkut, a social network run by Google, was Brazil’s biggest in 2008 when it was handed over to Google Brazil. Orkut had a dwindling user base and was shut down by Google in September 2014.

Brazil and its Social Media Hurdles…

Brazil’s social media user base is massive and it’s growing. But there are a lot of hurdles to overcome for any company looking to make a mark in Brazil:

Joga bonito

If your company is considering Brazil, Facebook is an obvious avenue for advertising. Linkedin, YouTube and Twitter are also compelling cases depending on your audience and advertising media. If your product or service requires monetary transactions you are going to have to deal with a burgeoning cybercrime scene and high import taxes. For companies with no retail product or financial transactions Brazil is a very attractive market and with so many users on Facebook and to a lesser degree YouTube, choosing an advertising channel is a lot easier than other major markets. However considering the demise of organic reach and Facebook’s intention to continue to diminish it, Facebook ads are most likely going to be necessary.


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