This Japanese Company Could Prevent the Death of Your App

Growth push details

You’ve finished your app and it’s on the app store, but users aren’t taking to it. Your notifications are not leading to user conversion and your app is seeing less engagement. What do you do? Japanese startup, Sirok (site is in Japanese), has created a series of app development tools for analysing user behaviour to optimize retention and conversion.

Studying user data to analyse when users are dropping off is a very powerful tool for developers and Sirok’s products are currently being used by more than 1,700 Japanese apps since its 2013 launch, including popular games Brave Frontier and Girl Friend Beta.

Big in Japan

Sirok recently announced that it will be bringing some of its tools to the English speaking market. Sirok’s tools include

  • Growth Replay a tool for collecting video data from users. App developers can save 15 minute videos of users interacting with their app for more qualitative user data.
  • Growth Point which aims to improve user retention in apps by introducing an in app point/currency system.
  • Growth Push a notification testing/analysis tool for A/B testing. Growth Push is free for the first 50,000 notifications. It allows you to test different notification messages to users both free and paid.

Sirok will initially expand the Growth Push platform to include English and Korean. The Japanese startup hopes to reach 500 million users in a growing space crowded with competitors such as Optimizely, Apptimize and Arise.

Watching me, Watching you

As B2B services shift to a more B2C design and UI philosophy, Sirok is targeting the American market with a focus on better and more effective designs. As part of this design focus, Sirok is planning to unify its various products under a single SDK to give app developers a better understanding of user behaviour.

Sirok is not only differentiating itself with its design, the potential of its unified SDK is very promising. If you are an app developer Sirok’s Growth Push will soon offer well-designed tools for A/B testing on iOS and Android. Hopefully they bring their other intriguing development tools to the English market soon as well.

Keep an eye on this space.


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