Video marketing: Eye On Brazilian Youtube

We’re analyzing Brazilian video marketing today in our continuing series on Latin America and social media. ICYMI:

In 2011 an Accenture survey reported that 89% of Brazilians watch online videos (read the post for other great takeaways about social media usage in Brazil). Previously we shared 9 reasons to get in on video advertising, now! Consider this reason number 10.

Today we’re looking at the biggest brands and channels on YouTube in Brazil. We learned:

  • Humor, kids, and music are the big winners
  • Having one video with large viewer numbers isn’t enough to make your channel huge (see the section on humor)

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Can Your Marriage with Facebook Be Saved?

facebook divorceI wish I could quit you, Facebook.

Copyblogger quit Facebook a month ago. The simple reason is despite having 30,000 fans, CB got no bang for its Facebook buck. It’s a good article and I recommend reading it. The part that hit home for me:

Forced Shares: My personal brand audience on Facebook loves Copyblogger. So I did some forced shares (read: I shared Copyblogger posts I love directly to my brand page). These were eaten alive, devoured, and reshared. While a smashing result, a brand’s Facebook strategy can’t thrive on someone like me sharing every blog post (ed: emphasis mine). The posts I didn’t force share just sat there with an average of six to seven “Likes.” Ew.

And on Friday, Facebook said it’s cracking down on brand posts it deems to be too promotional. Can a brand catch a break, already?
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Eating hamster sushi isn’t what you think it is #whatsgooingon


It’s rare that something genuinely surprises you in tech news. Most new products are telegraphed, teased or rumoured far ahead of their release date. The new Amazon Echo is that kind of surprise. Is it just a novelty though? That’s not the only thing that went down this week.

  • Amazon announces Echo it’s personal assistant cum speaker.
  • Voyeuristic website shows you why you should never use the default password
  • The new demographic divide is not based on age: the ads and ad-nots
  • Twitter partners with women’s advocacy group to curb harassment
  • Hamsters serve tiny sushi and drinks

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Emotional Triggers – When bumming people out is good for business


Have you see this ad for the ASPCA, featuring Sarah McLachlan?

Unless you’re a heartless monster, this video is really, really sad. So sad, that even Sarah McLachlan changes the channel when they come on (

And yet, sad videos like this one are effective marketing collateral. In this instance, the ASPCA ad campaign has already raised $30 million.
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8 reasons to get in on video advertising NOW!

Marketers, take notice.
Video is such a big part of the web and it’s getting better.


Video is becoming increasingly important for online marketing. Back in May Facebook announced new video metrics for Page Insights and Ads Reporting. This week they followed up with some numbers. Between May and July their numbers increased by 50% and since June they’ve had more than 1,000,000,000 video views on Facebook each day” according to this Facebook statement. That’s right people, 1 billion videos a day. Billion….

Facebook isn’t the only place for video though.
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