Is a Facebook Page Worth the Effort in 2014?

gooi facebook 2014Facebook is an established part of the marketing mix. But is it worth it?

Facebook may be here to stay, but new businesses still have to make the decision of whether or not to put valuable marketing resources into a Facebook Business Page.

At Mygooi we’ve been building a FB community for six months and as of this week have 225,443 Likes. Some Likes have come from organic reach, others have come from posts where we’ve paid to get in front of potential followers. (Tip: Mobile FB advertising rocks!)
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The Unwearables: Think Twice Before Your Company Adopts Wearables

wearablesWearables continue to be the  hardware story of 2014…in spite of privacy and security concerns.

But before your company decides to integrate wearables into its workflow you must answer these two questions.

  1. Are they secure enough to transmit sensitive business related data?
  2. Will it be off-putting for customers who might feel that their privacy is being encroached?

Security firm Symantec, armed with only a Raspberry Pi microcomputer and a total of $70 in computer hardware, were able to pull usernames and passwords from nearby wearables.

New wearables, such as the Razer Nabu and Bionym NYMI, are constantly being announced. Both large manufacturers and small scale startups are getting in on the action, but a recent story on the BBC illustrates the potential security issues for business applications.
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Have You Set Up Your Customer Service Reps to Fail?

comast tweet

Comcast, the world’s largest provider of cable services, is in the hotseat for bad customer service this week. Not surprisingly, they’re blaming the representative in question. The word is that the rep’s behavior was not consistent with how they train their representatives.

So what happened?

A Comcast representative spent 20 minutes of Engadget co-founder Ryan Block’s time preventing him from canceling his cable service subscription.

“Why wouldn’t you want to have the best service in the world?” the rep repeatedly asked Ryan.

Ryan published the audio file online. As you do.

Almost immediately social media exploded in sympathetic frustration. No doubt it was the anticipation of revenge against Comcast.

If you listen to the mp3 of the call, do you hear the little sound I heard?

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What a Japanese Library Can Teach Us about Social Marketing

リブライズ 〜すべての本棚を図書館に〜 from Tsuomu Kawamura.

You’ve probably never heard of Librize unless you live in Japan. Started in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo’s coolest neighborhood, is the brainchild of computer engineer and café owner Sho Kawamura. The project has a simple premise: to turn a bohemian area of small cafés, independent theatres and boutiques into an interactive library and community run entirely online through social networks.

Why did Sho do this?

Well, in a way he didn’t.

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