Jargon Hurts Your Online Marketing

Jargon. For a couple of years I’ve resisted writing this because I didn’t want to be yet another blogger complaining about jargon. But then Shingy happened and I couldn’t hold back anymore.

When in Doubt, Apply Jargon

This is Shingy. He’s AOL’s Digital Prophet. Full stop. That’s his job title. His job is to revive AOL from near-death.
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Video marketing: Eye On Brazilian Youtube

We’re analyzing Brazilian video marketing today in our continuing series on Latin America and social media. ICYMI:

In 2011 an Accenture survey reported that 89% of Brazilians watch online videos (read the post for other great takeaways about social media usage in Brazil). Previously we shared 9 reasons to get in on video advertising, now! Consider this reason number 10.

Today we’re looking at the biggest brands and channels on YouTube in Brazil. We learned:

  • Humor, kids, and music are the big winners
  • Having one video with large viewer numbers isn’t enough to make your channel huge (see the section on humor)

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Do This One Thing Before Including Video in Your Marketing Mix

cat video star

If you haven’t yet, read Ville’s first post in our video series, “Nine reasons you need to get in on video marketing NOW!

If your customer is 144% more likely to place an item in his cart after watching your video…why wouldn’t you go forth, and point and shoot?

Probably because you know it isn’t quite that easy…if you want to do it right, that is. 
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Is a Facebook Page Worth the Effort in 2014?

gooi facebook 2014Facebook is an established part of the marketing mix. But is it worth it?

Facebook may be here to stay, but new businesses still have to make the decision of whether or not to put valuable marketing resources into a Facebook Business Page.

At Mygooi we’ve been building a FB community for six months and as of this week have 225,443 Likes. Some Likes have come from organic reach, others have come from posts where we’ve paid to get in front of potential followers. (Tip: Mobile FB advertising rocks!)
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The Unwearables: Think Twice Before Your Company Adopts Wearables

wearablesWearables continue to be the  hardware story of 2014…in spite of privacy and security concerns.

But before your company decides to integrate wearables into its workflow you must answer these two questions.

  1. Are they secure enough to transmit sensitive business related data?
  2. Will it be off-putting for customers who might feel that their privacy is being encroached?

Security firm Symantec, armed with only a Raspberry Pi microcomputer and a total of $70 in computer hardware, were able to pull usernames and passwords from nearby wearables.

New wearables, such as the Razer Nabu and Bionym NYMI, are constantly being announced. Both large manufacturers and small scale startups are getting in on the action, but a recent story on the BBC illustrates the potential security issues for business applications.
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How to be Strategic, Not Impulsive, With Your Tech Buys

decision tree

Are you strategic when you buy new technology for your business? Or do you always want the newest and best…and then you go ahead and buy it?

Ideally, business owners choose their gear to serve a strategy that either helps them achieve  better or faster results, or because it’s part of their professional uniform or brand image.

And yet, many of us spend a significant amount of time deciding which technology and equipment to use for work. We end up chasing the dragon of having the latest and greatest in terms of gear, and as a by-product, waste time and money doing so.

Where do we draw the line? That’s where my handy decision-making tree comes in.

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What’s Gooi Right Now #1

social marketing digital network

Staying on top of everything going on online is virtually impossible these days. That’s why today we are presenting four stories that might have slipped through the cracks and that you really don’t want to miss.

The New Fast Food

First up is a fascinating read by Matt Mireles at the Verge about the misconceptions about food startups and why food startups are much more viable than most investors realise. How much space is there in the food market? The answer might surprise you.

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A Doritos Fan Challenge Turns Us Into Detectives

doritos jacked

What awaits you inside this bag?

Three mystery flavors, labeled only by their numbers, were suddenly available in my supermarket.

Test flavors 404 and 2653 come in yellow and blue bags, respectively.

I had always wanted to be Nancy Drew as a child, and here were mystery chips that needed solving. (When I was a kid, it was Mystery Dum Dum lollipops). Clues could be found on the nutritional facts label as required by the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA), but really the only way to find out the flavor was to try them.

Would customers really buy chips when they didn’t know what they were getting into?

Here’s how Frito-Lay, a division of PepsiCo, sweetened the deal and created lots of buzz.

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How to Make Online Reviews Your Best Friend

display badges

Your customers choose whether or not to buy from you based on product reviews they read online. I’ve seen varying statistics (it’s 30%, no, it’s 80%!) but the fact is: the internet has greatly empowered consumers to be choosy.

Even one bad* product review can make someone change their mind about doing business with you, but if you respond quickly, you’re golden.

Given that, would you believe me when I say online reviews will be the best thing to happen to your company?

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