How you can take advantage of the Singles’ Day Shopocalypse

SinglesDayForget Black Friday, Cyber Monday! Singles’ Day is the biggest e-commerce day in the world and so far it’s only really happening in China. However while Singles’ Day is beginning to spread to other regions, American consumers are not getting involved.

Singles’ Day is a perfect example of how a savvy business latched on to a recent trend and turned it into the shopocalypse (how is this not a thing already) and shows how, in two decades, a university joke can transform into the biggest e-commerce event of all time.
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Eating hamster sushi isn’t what you think it is #whatsgooingon


It’s rare that something genuinely surprises you in tech news. Most new products are telegraphed, teased or rumoured far ahead of their release date. The new Amazon Echo is that kind of surprise. Is it just a novelty though? That’s not the only thing that went down this week.

  • Amazon announces Echo it’s personal assistant cum speaker.
  • Voyeuristic website shows you why you should never use the default password
  • The new demographic divide is not based on age: the ads and ad-nots
  • Twitter partners with women’s advocacy group to curb harassment
  • Hamsters serve tiny sushi and drinks

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Are you naked on the internet? Beware the Snappening #whatsgooingon

Well it seems like the never ending stream of security leaks online is in no way abating. The Mayans were right: just a couple of weeks after ‘the fappening’ we have now come to ‘the snappening’. What’s been gooing on?

  • Around 90,000 Snapchat images stolen from a 3rd-party app.
  • How to stop your customers from abandoning their online shopping carts.
  • Open source drone platform announced by the Linux Foundation.
  • Is programmatic advertising stifling creativity?

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Do This One Thing Before Including Video in Your Marketing Mix

cat video star

If you haven’t yet, read Ville’s first post in our video series, “Nine reasons you need to get in on video marketing NOW!

If your customer is 144% more likely to place an item in his cart after watching your video…why wouldn’t you go forth, and point and shoot?

Probably because you know it isn’t quite that easy…if you want to do it right, that is. 
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Google Got Glass Wrong

google glass
Swedish enterprise architect Stefan Kjellberg joins the show this week to discuss the current digital landscape.

Stefan KjellbergWith a career than spans product management, marketing, e-commerce and customer relations, Stefan brings some provocative suggestions to the show. Amongst other things he talks about how Google got it wrong by making Google Glass the wrong way round.

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Can Apple Make Mobile Payments Mainstream?

iPhone 6 Apple PayDid Tim Cook bury the lead in yesterday’s presentation?

Buried under an avalanche of tech specs, shiny product photos and evangelical videos, you might have missed when Tim Cook announced that Apple was entering the mobile payment market with Apple Pay. Will Apple’s first foray into this crowded space give it the boost it needs to make NFC, Near Field Communication, ubiquitous? The first signs are not so positive.

What is Apple Pay?

It’s a service that:

  • is available with an Apple Watch or iPhone 6 or 6+
  • uses NFC to communicate wirelessly and securely
  • uses SecureElement hardware to encrypt personal information, and
  • does not share personal information with vendors

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