Jargon Hurts Your Online Marketing

Jargon. For a couple of years I’ve resisted writing this because I didn’t want to be yet another blogger complaining about jargon. But then Shingy happened and I couldn’t hold back anymore.

When in Doubt, Apply Jargon

This is Shingy. He’s AOL’s Digital Prophet. Full stop. That’s his job title. His job is to revive AOL from near-death.
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What’s been gooing on #8

Untitled-3 Happy Grandparents’ Day everyone. Hope you have all had a gooi week so far!

So what has been gooing on?

  • Find awesome stock photos
  • Google boosts HTTPS
  • IKEA’s new bookbook blows competitors away

Find Stock Photo Sources that don’t Suck

If you are anything like us, you probably struggle to find decent stock photos. Most services are either too expensive or have terrible photos. Michelle Blackshire at the Entrepreneur has come to the rescue with a list of 8 mostly free stock photo sites that don’t suck.

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What’s Been Gooing On #6

"Bill Gates Ice Bucket Challenge

Bill Gates Ice Bucket Challenge

Another week, another gooibiz roundup. Are you struggling with your company’s about page or trying to think of how to combine your two favorite hobbies: eating and Lego? Then this is the roundup for you.

You’re so vain you probably think this page is about you

Who hasn’t labored over their websites about page? Do you go for something kooky to show that your not just a machine or do you go with the straight faced business approach? Matthew Toren writing in Entrepreneur gives some useful advice.

Take away: Your about page isn’t really about you, it’s about your audience’s problems and how you can solve them. You need to weave the narrative about you and your company around the solution.
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