Why Google+ and Black Friday failed #whatsgooingon

Bridge with a chain link fenceDecember is upon us and, while the focus has understandably been on politics, protests and the police this past week, a lot has gone on this week in the tech world. Here are some stories that might have fallen through the cracks:

  • Google+ failed due to limited vision according to a former designer
  • Retailers undermined Black Friday through their marketing
  • Firefox 34 launches with video chat
  • 5 innovative email policies used by corporations all over the globe

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Is Google About to Blow Up the Indian Smartphone Market?

Android One

The iPhone 6 has received the lion’s share of attention in the past week but Google’s new venture has the potential to shake up the mobile market in a lasting way.

Neon Indian

This week Google has announced the Android One, a series of low-cost smartphones that are expected to have a massive impact on India’s fast growing smartphone market.
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