Google Glass dying a slow death? #whatsgooingon

Google GlassGooibiz is back with another roundup of some tech stories that flew under most people’s radar. Has Google given up on Google Glass on the downlow? We are little heavy on Google stories this week, but a lot of interesting things have been happening in Mountain View.

  • Google Glass seems to be on life support
  • Man implants ‘cold’ bitcoin wallet in his hand
  • Chinese developers start making money on the Google Play store
  • Google launches Contributor its alternative to advertising

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Google Got Glass Wrong

google glass
Swedish enterprise architect Stefan Kjellberg joins the show this week to discuss the current digital landscape.

Stefan KjellbergWith a career than spans product management, marketing, e-commerce and customer relations, Stefan brings some provocative suggestions to the show. Amongst other things he talks about how Google got it wrong by making Google Glass the wrong way round.

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The Unwearables: Think Twice Before Your Company Adopts Wearables

wearablesWearables continue to be the  hardware story of 2014…in spite of privacy and security concerns.

But before your company decides to integrate wearables into its workflow you must answer these two questions.

  1. Are they secure enough to transmit sensitive business related data?
  2. Will it be off-putting for customers who might feel that their privacy is being encroached?

Security firm Symantec, armed with only a Raspberry Pi microcomputer and a total of $70 in computer hardware, were able to pull usernames and passwords from nearby wearables.

New wearables, such as the Razer Nabu and Bionym NYMI, are constantly being announced. Both large manufacturers and small scale startups are getting in on the action, but a recent story on the BBC illustrates the potential security issues for business applications.
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Dr Strangeglass or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Google Glass

Showing Google Glass to some Sumo wrestlers

During the recent Gooibiz #Gooination tour of Tokyo I had the opportunity to try out Google Glass for a few days. My experiences were mixed but overall positive. Google Glass has a great deal of potential but regular consumers are likely to pass on these until Google can make a more compelling argument for why they exist.

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The Future is Wearable


Recent stories in the tech world have turned the spotlight on wearable tech and its potential. Even though wearable tech has been said to be on the brink for a number of years, it appears this year could see the launch of major wearables. Not only that, but a number of wearable products have already entered the market without much fanfare. The image below, from Fjord, shows how users can already be decked out from head (Smart Cycling Helmet) to toe (Sensoria Smart Socks) in innovative technology.

Thread count or Hyper threading?

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