David Keene – Google!

David Keene, Google

David Keene, Google

David Keene is currently Google for Work’s Head of Marketing for the cold half of EMEA.

We caught up with David Keene a few days after the Google Atmosphere London event following on from Google’s announcement that Google Apps was now rebranded as Google For Work.

We talk about the switch from ‘Enterprise’ to ‘Work’ and how the strength in the economy is small agile enterprises (SMB’s).

David speaks of the ‘frisson’ (a new word for both Bernie and Jon!) emerging from technical and digital innovation in the Cloud.

Jon is curious to find out where the creativity is in an organisation and what is the relationship between technology, workflow and the extinction of hierarchy.

The connection between education, business, community and technology is a strong theme in this podcast.

To find out more about David, follow him on Twitter. And definitely you’ll be able to Google him!

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Welcome to the future! We’ve got hoverboards and games #whatsgooingon

Google Inbox
It appears the powers that be were listening: hoverboards are a thing! If you have a spare $10k lying around, you can either speed down the street on your personal hoverboard or wear a pair of Beats by Dre headphones in the NFL. Check the end of the post for the video. What else has been gooing on?

  • Google launches it’s new take on email with Inbox
  • Internet trolls face 2 years in prison in UK proposal
  • Details on Fitbit’s new smartwatch Surge leak
  • Mobile gaming revenue set to eclipse console gaming in 2015
  • Microsoft jettisons Nokia brand
  • The $10K hoverboard
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Would you pay $10,000 to wear Beats by Dre? #whatsgooingon

beatsbydreWelcome back for another week of tech news! Still trying to keep up with all the goings on in the news? Never fear, Gooibiz is here with another round up.

  • NFL player gets $10K fine for wearing Beats by Dre
  • After more than two decades, Imgur announce successor to GIFs
  • Lenovo announce new series of tablets
  • Google releases improved Hangout for desktops
  • Cable Companies fund weird net neutrality group because lolcats…

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Split Personality – Digital Marketers Need This Superpower

As a digital superhero I find myself struggling with managing multiple google accounts. I have my personal account, at least one agency account and multiple client accounts for different purposes.

What Can Go Wrong?

Replying to a client or approaching a business lead accidentally using another client’s email address or my private address is at the very least awkward. Bad things tend to happen if I miss an important mail from a client or their customers simply because I forgot to check the account they want me to use for that project.
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Is Google About to Blow Up the Indian Smartphone Market?

Android One

The iPhone 6 has received the lion’s share of attention in the past week but Google’s new venture has the potential to shake up the mobile market in a lasting way.

Neon Indian

This week Google has announced the Android One, a series of low-cost smartphones that are expected to have a massive impact on India’s fast growing smartphone market.
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What’s been gooing on #8

Untitled-3 Happy Grandparents’ Day everyone. Hope you have all had a gooi week so far!

So what has been gooing on?

  • Find awesome stock photos
  • Google boosts HTTPS
  • IKEA’s new bookbook blows competitors away

Find Stock Photo Sources that don’t Suck

If you are anything like us, you probably struggle to find decent stock photos. Most services are either too expensive or have terrible photos. Michelle Blackshire at the Entrepreneur has come to the rescue with a list of 8 mostly free stock photo sites that don’t suck.

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Are you too dependent on Google?


What do you do if your business can no longer rely on Google search? It’s the equivalent of a zombie apocalypse or sharknado for most businesses. Your site could be unjustly penalised by Google or perhaps you just lost your enviable search rank. It’s easy to become over-reliant on Google search for your traffic, but depending 100 percent on another business is a recipe for disaster.

Why should you break your dependence on Google?

The old proverb about not putting all of your eggs in one basket applies here. Better to build up your other traffic streams before you have a problem.

There are other benefits, too. When you diversify your site traffic, you:

  • Increase your traffic. Google + Others = more.
  • Generate more robust traffic. When your traffic is coming from different sources you won’t be as vulnerable to dips in service
  • Build your tribe. Search traffic has great conversion, but social traffic allow you to create a loyal band of brand ambassadors
  • Take control of your business’s destiny! Again, you won’t be entirely dependent on just one company for the future and growth of your business.

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How to Make Online Reviews Your Best Friend

display badges

Your customers choose whether or not to buy from you based on product reviews they read online. I’ve seen varying statistics (it’s 30%, no, it’s 80%!) but the fact is: the internet has greatly empowered consumers to be choosy.

Even one bad* product review can make someone change their mind about doing business with you, but if you respond quickly, you’re golden.

Given that, would you believe me when I say online reviews will be the best thing to happen to your company?

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The Future is Wearable


Recent stories in the tech world have turned the spotlight on wearable tech and its potential. Even though wearable tech has been said to be on the brink for a number of years, it appears this year could see the launch of major wearables. Not only that, but a number of wearable products have already entered the market without much fanfare. The image below, from Fjord, shows how users can already be decked out from head (Smart Cycling Helmet) to toe (Sensoria Smart Socks) in innovative technology.

Thread count or Hyper threading?

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