Why Google+ and Black Friday failed #whatsgooingon

Bridge with a chain link fenceDecember is upon us and, while the focus has understandably been on politics, protests and the police this past week, a lot has gone on this week in the tech world. Here are some stories that might have fallen through the cracks:

  • Google+ failed due to limited vision according to a former designer
  • Retailers undermined Black Friday through their marketing
  • Firefox 34 launches with video chat
  • 5 innovative email policies used by corporations all over the globe

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Lessons from #gamergate or think before your post

Girl crying over spilt icecream

Social media is great. It’s a fast, immediate way to interact with your customers. Sometimes though it can be a little too immediate. Social media managers are only human, after all. Every now and again one of them seems to forget that they are A) speaking for their brand and B) speaking to the whole world. Just think of the social media meltdowns of companies like Amy’s Bakery or even a hoax like Pace Picante.

The recent Gamergate controversy had much higher stakes. Both Adobe and Intel found themselves accused of supporting the harassment of women. Both companies found themselves in this position because they responded to a social media conversation they didn’t understand. The blowback has been immediate and forceful.

This didn’t have to happen though. They just needed to think before they tweeted.
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