Jargon Hurts Your Online Marketing

Jargon. For a couple of years I’ve resisted writing this because I didn’t want to be yet another blogger complaining about jargon. But then Shingy happened and I couldn’t hold back anymore.

When in Doubt, Apply Jargon

This is Shingy. He’s AOL’s Digital Prophet. Full stop. That’s his job title. His job is to revive AOL from near-death.
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Video marketing: Eye On Brazilian Youtube

We’re analyzing Brazilian video marketing today in our continuing series on Latin America and social media. ICYMI:

In 2011 an Accenture survey reported that 89% of Brazilians watch online videos (read the post for other great takeaways about social media usage in Brazil). Previously we shared 9 reasons to get in on video advertising, now! Consider this reason number 10.

Today we’re looking at the biggest brands and channels on YouTube in Brazil. We learned:

  • Humor, kids, and music are the big winners
  • Having one video with large viewer numbers isn’t enough to make your channel huge (see the section on humor)

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Samba, Football and Social Media: Eye On the Brazilian Market

brazil-flagThe biggest market in Latin America, Brazil, is both challenging and full of amazing potential for tech development. Last week we looked at Latin American social media trends, but today we are focusing on Brazil. With last year’s World Cup and the 2016 Rio Games, Brazil looks set to stay in the global limelight for the next two years at least. While Brazil has shown a lot of positive growth, it is not without challenges. Any business thinking about entering Brazil will have to decide how to best reach Brazilian customers. Below is a primer to help you make the right decision to get the best bang for your marketing buck.
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Content is King, but Product is Prince

Everybody wants their content to go viral. But what type of content actually goes viral, and does that automatically make it great content for your business?

For the New York Times in 2010, it wasn’t articles about sex, or ones with titles like “How Your Pet’s Diet Threatens Your Marriage, and Why It’s Bush’s Fault.” That’s what John Tierney, the author of the article, had suspected would be the most popular.

Instead, the NYT’s study showed that science articles got the most e-mail shares (side note: email shares, really?).

Triggering Shares

The researchers identified awe as the emotional trigger for this behavior of sharing science articles on the NYT. For an audience with a penchant for traditional media, the traditionally awe-inspiring subject of science makes complete sense. Emotional triggers are always a good way to get people to take action, but different audiences react to different emotional triggers in different ways.
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Social media, internet use and marketing in Latin America

We’re back with another installment in our Eye on series on the digital state of a nation, or in this case a continent. Today we are looking at one of the most rapidly expanding and exciting digital frontiers: Latin America. Latin America and Brazil, Mexico and Argentina in particular are often left out in discussions about the online marketplace which tend to focus on the US, Europe and Asia. But:

Latin America Online

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How Chewing Gum is Good for Business

Today’s post was written by Kate Chamberlin, Digital Media Specialist at Mygooi.


Don’t Be An Afterthought

You may have a genius product and the smartest team, but if your brand’s image is an afterthought, your success has a shelf-life. The question is, what would you do to make your brand stand out?

Chewing Gum = focused brand

In a study on chewing gum, identical twins were placed next to each other, one chewing gum, and the other sitting quietly. Observers were asked to pick which twin they believed to have certain characteristics, such as a master’s degree or a significant other. Results showed the twin who was chewing gum was consistently assumed to be the more social, educated, and well-off twin of the pair.

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To Hashtag, or Not to Hashtag? Three Answers

You’ve heard of the hashtag, the symbol formerly known as #, and you’ve seen it everywhere from your TV screen, to your Twitter feed, to a text from your buddy as you meet up for a pub crawl.

queen of the world

What began on Twitter to organize conversations has since morphed and run rampant over the social media land. Hashtags now work on Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, and many others (but, curiously, not LinkedIn). Click on a hashtag and discover what other people have to say about topics you’re interested in. Make your own. Etc.

Before I started writing this, I held the thankfully erroneous opinion that no business had ever succeeded with a branded hashtag.

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Emotional Triggers – When bumming people out is good for business


Have you see this ad for the ASPCA, featuring Sarah McLachlan?

Unless you’re a heartless monster, this video is really, really sad. So sad, that even Sarah McLachlan changes the channel when they come on (

And yet, sad videos like this one are effective marketing collateral. In this instance, the ASPCA ad campaign has already raised $30 million.
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Do This One Thing Before Including Video in Your Marketing Mix

cat video star

If you haven’t yet, read Ville’s first post in our video series, “Nine reasons you need to get in on video marketing NOW!

If your customer is 144% more likely to place an item in his cart after watching your video…why wouldn’t you go forth, and point and shoot?

Probably because you know it isn’t quite that easy…if you want to do it right, that is. 
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8 reasons to get in on video advertising NOW!

Marketers, take notice.
Video is such a big part of the web and it’s getting better.


Video is becoming increasingly important for online marketing. Back in May Facebook announced new video metrics for Page Insights and Ads Reporting. This week they followed up with some numbers. Between May and July their numbers increased by 50% and since June they’ve had more than 1,000,000,000 video views on Facebook each day” according to this Facebook statement. That’s right people, 1 billion videos a day. Billion….

Facebook isn’t the only place for video though.
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