Google Glass dying a slow death? #whatsgooingon

Google GlassGooibiz is back with another roundup of some tech stories that flew under most people’s radar. Has Google given up on Google Glass on the downlow? We are little heavy on Google stories this week, but a lot of interesting things have been happening in Mountain View.

  • Google Glass seems to be on life support
  • Man implants ‘cold’ bitcoin wallet in his hand
  • Chinese developers start making money on the Google Play store
  • Google launches Contributor its alternative to advertising

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What’s been gooing on #9


Summer is coming to an end and but the tech news isn’t slowing down. The biggest stories this week where Apple announcing iPhone 6 and Apple Watch, but what else has been gooing on?

  • Is Apple Pay vulnerable to hackers?
  • What does the future hold for the next Apple Watch?
  • Is Instagram in denial about their drug problem?
  • Can cats run a Pizza Hut?

Read on to find out about this weeks gooiest stories.
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Can Apple Make Mobile Payments Mainstream?

iPhone 6 Apple PayDid Tim Cook bury the lead in yesterday’s presentation?

Buried under an avalanche of tech specs, shiny product photos and evangelical videos, you might have missed when Tim Cook announced that Apple was entering the mobile payment market with Apple Pay. Will Apple’s first foray into this crowded space give it the boost it needs to make NFC, Near Field Communication, ubiquitous? The first signs are not so positive.

What is Apple Pay?

It’s a service that:

  • is available with an Apple Watch or iPhone 6 or 6+
  • uses NFC to communicate wirelessly and securely
  • uses SecureElement hardware to encrypt personal information, and
  • does not share personal information with vendors

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