Bots rule the internet, North Korea linked to Sony hack, top 2014 Google searches #whatsgooingon

a green guy covered in moss in a guys hand

It’s the last week before Christmas and what better way to celebrate the season of good will than to use and manipulate it for your own benefit. The top story of today’s news round-up is a collection of helpful tongue-in-cheek advice for your run-of-the-mill sociopath trying to make his way through the world.


  • Lifehacks for sociopaths
  • Bots now outnumber regular users online
  • Sony cancels The Interview premiere amidst rumors that US has evidence linking North Korea
  • The top trending Google searches of 2014
  • Cards Against Humanity shipped literal bullshit to customers

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How you can take advantage of the Singles’ Day Shopocalypse

SinglesDayForget Black Friday, Cyber Monday! Singles’ Day is the biggest e-commerce day in the world and so far it’s only really happening in China. However while Singles’ Day is beginning to spread to other regions, American consumers are not getting involved.

Singles’ Day is a perfect example of how a savvy business latched on to a recent trend and turned it into the shopocalypse (how is this not a thing already) and shows how, in two decades, a university joke can transform into the biggest e-commerce event of all time.
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