Take Control of Your Email: Product Review


Clean website, stimulating explainer video, killer idea.

This service is more than useful; it’s a necessity.

In case you were worried about giving this new service access to your email, let us tell give you the 411. Read all about it on 


Social Media Manager on The Information

slim young adult holding a black blankboard

What’s been the biggest business mistake you or your clients have made? Today we kick off a new series where experts talk candidly about where they went wrong – anonymously, of course. Our experts learned something the hard way so you don’t have to.

The first in our confessional booth today is Madeleine, who discovered she should have done a better job of educating her superiors in the health industry.
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Social media, internet use and marketing in Latin America

We’re back with another installment in our Eye on series on the digital state of a nation, or in this case a continent. Today we are looking at one of the most rapidly expanding and exciting digital frontiers: Latin America. Latin America and Brazil, Mexico and Argentina in particular are often left out in discussions about the online marketplace which tend to focus on the US, Europe and Asia. But:

Latin America Online

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Can Your Marriage with Facebook Be Saved?

facebook divorceI wish I could quit you, Facebook.

Copyblogger quit Facebook a month ago. The simple reason is despite having 30,000 fans, CB got no bang for its Facebook buck. It’s a good article and I recommend reading it. The part that hit home for me:

Forced Shares: My personal brand audience on Facebook loves Copyblogger. So I did some forced shares (read: I shared Copyblogger posts I love directly to my brand page). These were eaten alive, devoured, and reshared. While a smashing result, a brand’s Facebook strategy can’t thrive on someone like me sharing every blog post (ed: emphasis mine). The posts I didn’t force share just sat there with an average of six to seven “Likes.” Ew.

And on Friday, Facebook said it’s cracking down on brand posts it deems to be too promotional. Can a brand catch a break, already?
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Daft Punk are DJing our zombie-ninja break-dance party! #whatsgooingon

Microsoft Band HeroHappy Halloween gooibiz readers! I wish I could say that this week’s tech news has been particularly spooky but actually a lot of interesting things have gone down the past few days. Read on the until the end to see our terrifying halloween surprise…

  • MaxMyTV kickstarts social media integrated home automation
  • Microsoft suddenly releases wearable
  • These 16 tools will help your business thrive on social media
  • Should businesses break up more often
  • = what the internet was made for

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Take a break, you might get something done

TakebreaksYou know the feeling. You are staring glassy-eyed at the screen, after hours of work your attention has wandered from your open document to Wikipedia or Facebook and your mind is confusing mess of guilt, exhaustion and reproach. Why can’t you stay focused and work for hours on end like you assume everyone else can? The good news is most people are huddling in front of their monitors jumping from page to page in an effort to keep themselves distracted long enough to keep the guilt at bay.

If it seems like I’m painting a bleak nightmarescape, fear not because there is a solution: take a break! While many of us might consider break a four-letter word, kicking back for a second has a lot going for it. This post will tell when and how to take breaks to maximize your productivity.
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To Hashtag, or Not to Hashtag? Three Answers

You’ve heard of the hashtag, the symbol formerly known as #, and you’ve seen it everywhere from your TV screen, to your Twitter feed, to a text from your buddy as you meet up for a pub crawl.

queen of the world

What began on Twitter to organize conversations has since morphed and run rampant over the social media land. Hashtags now work on Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, and many others (but, curiously, not LinkedIn). Click on a hashtag and discover what other people have to say about topics you’re interested in. Make your own. Etc.

Before I started writing this, I held the thankfully erroneous opinion that no business had ever succeeded with a branded hashtag.

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The R in CRM is Relationship

jon ferrera

Jon Ferrara, best known as the co-founder of GoldMine Software Corp, one of the early pioneers in the Sales Force Automation (SFA) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software categories for Small to Medium sized Businesses (SMBs), joins the show this week to talk about Nimble, one of the leading social CRMs out on the market at present.

Taking us in part through his journey from Goldmine, Jon speaks passionately about the changing nature of CRMs and the impact social media has had on the market.

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Are you too dependent on Google?


What do you do if your business can no longer rely on Google search? It’s the equivalent of a zombie apocalypse or sharknado for most businesses. Your site could be unjustly penalised by Google or perhaps you just lost your enviable search rank. It’s easy to become over-reliant on Google search for your traffic, but depending 100 percent on another business is a recipe for disaster.

Why should you break your dependence on Google?

The old proverb about not putting all of your eggs in one basket applies here. Better to build up your other traffic streams before you have a problem.

There are other benefits, too. When you diversify your site traffic, you:

  • Increase your traffic. Google + Others = more.
  • Generate more robust traffic. When your traffic is coming from different sources you won’t be as vulnerable to dips in service
  • Build your tribe. Search traffic has great conversion, but social traffic allow you to create a loyal band of brand ambassadors
  • Take control of your business’s destiny! Again, you won’t be entirely dependent on just one company for the future and growth of your business.

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What’s Been Gooing On #6

"Bill Gates Ice Bucket Challenge

Bill Gates Ice Bucket Challenge

Another week, another gooibiz roundup. Are you struggling with your company’s about page or trying to think of how to combine your two favorite hobbies: eating and Lego? Then this is the roundup for you.

You’re so vain you probably think this page is about you

Who hasn’t labored over their websites about page? Do you go for something kooky to show that your not just a machine or do you go with the straight faced business approach? Matthew Toren writing in Entrepreneur gives some useful advice.

Take away: Your about page isn’t really about you, it’s about your audience’s problems and how you can solve them. You need to weave the narrative about you and your company around the solution.
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