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What’s been the biggest business mistake you or your clients have made? Today we kick off a new series where experts talk candidly about where they went wrong – anonymously, of course. Our experts learned something the hard way so you don’t have to.

The first in our confessional booth today is Madeleine, who discovered she should have done a better job of educating her superiors in the health industry.
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Can Your Marriage with Facebook Be Saved?

facebook divorceI wish I could quit you, Facebook.

Copyblogger quit Facebook a month ago. The simple reason is despite having 30,000 fans, CB got no bang for its Facebook buck. It’s a good article and I recommend reading it. The part that hit home for me:

Forced Shares: My personal brand audience on Facebook loves Copyblogger. So I did some forced shares (read: I shared Copyblogger posts I love directly to my brand page). These were eaten alive, devoured, and reshared. While a smashing result, a brand’s Facebook strategy can’t thrive on someone like me sharing every blog post (ed: emphasis mine). The posts I didn’t force share just sat there with an average of six to seven “Likes.” Ew.

And on Friday, Facebook said it’s cracking down on brand posts it deems to be too promotional. Can a brand catch a break, already?
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The Secret to a Successful Kickstarter

gooi biz kickstarter


Today’s post was written by Adam Jury, co-founder and co-owner of  Posthuman Studios, an award-winning hobby game publisher.

Attention small business owners. ICYMI, a guy is making a new summer party water cooler, and he’s going to smash the 10 million dollar barrier.

He might even smash the 20 million mark.

I know what you’re thinking: if that guy can get 40,000 people backing his cause … how many will support my great idea?

But it’s not actually that easy. While 44% of Kickstarter campaigns get funded, that means there are 56% that don’t.

The secret of the 44%’s success? A properly engaged audience. Full stop.

You can have a great idea.

You can be ready, willing, and able to create your project.

You can’t make your Kickstarter work, however, without the crowd!
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Are the Stars of the New Screens Eclipsing the Old?

pewdiepie YouTube Banner
When YouTube stars like PewDiePie make $4M annually, Hollywood has no choice but to pay attention.

YouTube’s biggest star PewDiePie earns an estimated $4 million annually from ad revenue,  according to the Wall Street Journal. YouTube and its stars have featured prominently in the news ever since that Wall Street Journal article in June.

Hollywood is Taking YouTube Stars Seriously

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Have You Set Up Your Customer Service Reps to Fail?

comast tweet

Comcast, the world’s largest provider of cable services, is in the hotseat for bad customer service this week. Not surprisingly, they’re blaming the representative in question. The word is that the rep’s behavior was not consistent with how they train their representatives.

So what happened?

A Comcast representative spent 20 minutes of Engadget co-founder Ryan Block’s time preventing him from canceling his cable service subscription.

“Why wouldn’t you want to have the best service in the world?” the rep repeatedly asked Ryan.

Ryan published the audio file online. As you do.

Almost immediately social media exploded in sympathetic frustration. No doubt it was the anticipation of revenge against Comcast.

If you listen to the mp3 of the call, do you hear the little sound I heard?

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A Doritos Fan Challenge Turns Us Into Detectives

doritos jacked

What awaits you inside this bag?

Three mystery flavors, labeled only by their numbers, were suddenly available in my supermarket.

Test flavors 404 and 2653 come in yellow and blue bags, respectively.

I had always wanted to be Nancy Drew as a child, and here were mystery chips that needed solving. (When I was a kid, it was Mystery Dum Dum lollipops). Clues could be found on the nutritional facts label as required by the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA), but really the only way to find out the flavor was to try them.

Would customers really buy chips when they didn’t know what they were getting into?

Here’s how Frito-Lay, a division of PepsiCo, sweetened the deal and created lots of buzz.

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What a Japanese Library Can Teach Us about Social Marketing

リブライズ 〜すべての本棚を図書館に〜 from Tsuomu Kawamura.

You’ve probably never heard of Librize unless you live in Japan. Started in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo’s coolest neighborhood, is the brainchild of computer engineer and café owner Sho Kawamura. The project has a simple premise: to turn a bohemian area of small cafés, independent theatres and boutiques into an interactive library and community run entirely online through social networks.

Why did Sho do this?

Well, in a way he didn’t.

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