I Crowdfunded Your Project and All I Got Was This Stupid T-shirt

Everyone’s heard of Kickstarter and Indiegogo in the last few years, right (if not, read our post here)? Many of us have probably even backed something we really wanted. Crowdfunding sites are great ways for a startup to get equity investors, customers, and brand ambassadors all baked into one.

Ten-dollar backers of the Oculus Rift got a sincere thank you from the team. But imagine if they had received company equity instead? That $10 could have turned into $1250. Wouldn’t you rather have $1250 in your pocket, than a thank you or a tshirt?

Pretty incredible. So why haven’t you heard of equity crowdfunding? And which option should you choose for your business?
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Social Media Manager on The Information

slim young adult holding a black blankboard

What’s been the biggest business mistake you or your clients have made? Today we kick off a new series where experts talk candidly about where they went wrong – anonymously, of course. Our experts learned something the hard way so you don’t have to.

The first in our confessional booth today is Madeleine, who discovered she should have done a better job of educating her superiors in the health industry.
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Video marketing: Eye On Brazilian Youtube

We’re analyzing Brazilian video marketing today in our continuing series on Latin America and social media. ICYMI:

In 2011 an Accenture survey reported that 89% of Brazilians watch online videos (read the post for other great takeaways about social media usage in Brazil). Previously we shared 9 reasons to get in on video advertising, now! Consider this reason number 10.

Today we’re looking at the biggest brands and channels on YouTube in Brazil. We learned:

  • Humor, kids, and music are the big winners
  • Having one video with large viewer numbers isn’t enough to make your channel huge (see the section on humor)

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Content is King, but Product is Prince

Everybody wants their content to go viral. But what type of content actually goes viral, and does that automatically make it great content for your business?

For the New York Times in 2010, it wasn’t articles about sex, or ones with titles like “How Your Pet’s Diet Threatens Your Marriage, and Why It’s Bush’s Fault.” That’s what John Tierney, the author of the article, had suspected would be the most popular.

Instead, the NYT’s study showed that science articles got the most e-mail shares (side note: email shares, really?).

Triggering Shares

The researchers identified awe as the emotional trigger for this behavior of sharing science articles on the NYT. For an audience with a penchant for traditional media, the traditionally awe-inspiring subject of science makes complete sense. Emotional triggers are always a good way to get people to take action, but different audiences react to different emotional triggers in different ways.
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Is a Facebook Page Worth the Effort in 2014?

gooi facebook 2014Facebook is an established part of the marketing mix. But is it worth it?

Facebook may be here to stay, but new businesses still have to make the decision of whether or not to put valuable marketing resources into a Facebook Business Page.

At Mygooi we’ve been building a FB community for six months and as of this week have 225,443 Likes. Some Likes have come from organic reach, others have come from posts where we’ve paid to get in front of potential followers. (Tip: Mobile FB advertising rocks!)
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The Secret to a Successful Kickstarter

gooi biz kickstarter


Today’s post was written by Adam Jury, co-founder and co-owner of  Posthuman Studios, an award-winning hobby game publisher.

Attention small business owners. ICYMI, a guy is making a new summer party water cooler, and he’s going to smash the 10 million dollar barrier.

He might even smash the 20 million mark.

I know what you’re thinking: if that guy can get 40,000 people backing his cause … how many will support my great idea?

But it’s not actually that easy. While 44% of Kickstarter campaigns get funded, that means there are 56% that don’t.

The secret of the 44%’s success? A properly engaged audience. Full stop.

You can have a great idea.

You can be ready, willing, and able to create your project.

You can’t make your Kickstarter work, however, without the crowd!
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How to be Strategic, Not Impulsive, With Your Tech Buys

decision tree

Are you strategic when you buy new technology for your business? Or do you always want the newest and best…and then you go ahead and buy it?

Ideally, business owners choose their gear to serve a strategy that either helps them achieve  better or faster results, or because it’s part of their professional uniform or brand image.

And yet, many of us spend a significant amount of time deciding which technology and equipment to use for work. We end up chasing the dragon of having the latest and greatest in terms of gear, and as a by-product, waste time and money doing so.

Where do we draw the line? That’s where my handy decision-making tree comes in.

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Can One Picture Be Your Entire Marketing Strategy?


Swedish designer Julia Gamborg Nielsen is taking the design world by storm.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Take, for example, the chair depicted above.

Yes, it’s a chair; however, this is no ordinary chair. Notice the distinct Icelandic lamb fur upholstery and you’ll start to notice the other unusual details that make this chair like a dramatic statement.

Can a picture be worth even more than a thousand words?

Can it be your entire marketing strategy?

If a designer wants to stand out from the crowd of Scandinavian designers and get noticed, the answer is a resounding YES.

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Just How Did Nike Do it ?

Nike - Just Do it

The World Cup is entering its final stages with the quarterfinals in the coming days but, while the winner is uncertain, there is one big winner already: Nike. Their Risk Everything marketing campaign has been a huge success and has invited fans to an unprecedented level of interaction.

How Nike Just Did it

Like we said Nike has been running a long term guerrilla marketing campaign targeting the World Cup. While Nike’s main rival Adidas has paid a premium to be the official sponsor (when they haven’t been busy pulling ads due to controversy), Nike has been busy making epic digital and TV commercials backed up by large scale interactive social media campaigns.

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