Content is King, but Product is Prince

Everybody wants their content to go viral. But what type of content actually goes viral, and does that automatically make it great content for your business?

For the New York Times in 2010, it wasn’t articles about sex, or ones with titles like “How Your Pet’s Diet Threatens Your Marriage, and Why It’s Bush’s Fault.” That’s what John Tierney, the author of the article, had suspected would be the most popular.

Instead, the NYT’s study showed that science articles got the most e-mail shares (side note: email shares, really?).

Triggering Shares

The researchers identified awe as the emotional trigger for this behavior of sharing science articles on the NYT. For an audience with a penchant for traditional media, the traditionally awe-inspiring subject of science makes complete sense. Emotional triggers are always a good way to get people to take action, but different audiences react to different emotional triggers in different ways.
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