Minimal viable content: Why are we surrounded by shit content?



In a recent interview columnist Michael Wolff stated that digital media in 2015 is ‘a deluge of crap’. The controversial analyst gave his opinion during a conversation about digital media but it applies to online content in general. Technology and platforms like YouTube, Steam, Facebook mean it’s never been easier to be a content creator. With quality content the exception rather than the rule, is the ‘deluge of crap’ likely to improve?
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Video marketing: Eye On Brazilian Youtube

We’re analyzing Brazilian video marketing today in our continuing series on Latin America and social media. ICYMI:

In 2011 an Accenture survey reported that 89% of Brazilians watch online videos (read the post for other great takeaways about social media usage in Brazil). Previously we shared 9 reasons to get in on video advertising, now! Consider this reason number 10.

Today we’re looking at the biggest brands and channels on YouTube in Brazil. We learned:

  • Humor, kids, and music are the big winners
  • Having one video with large viewer numbers isn’t enough to make your channel huge (see the section on humor)

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Samba, Football and Social Media: Eye On the Brazilian Market

brazil-flagThe biggest market in Latin America, Brazil, is both challenging and full of amazing potential for tech development. Last week we looked at Latin American social media trends, but today we are focusing on Brazil. With last year’s World Cup and the 2016 Rio Games, Brazil looks set to stay in the global limelight for the next two years at least. While Brazil has shown a lot of positive growth, it is not without challenges. Any business thinking about entering Brazil will have to decide how to best reach Brazilian customers. Below is a primer to help you make the right decision to get the best bang for your marketing buck.
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Is YouTube About to Drive Your E-shop Out of Business ?

So YouTube is awash with kids vlogging about bling, gaming, spots, make-up and their struggle with modern life.

Don’t believe me?

Then check out the likes of:

Although recent media profiles have generated a dirge of comments from oldies appalled by the apparent drivel these vloggers are putting out there, you can’t ignore there’s a paradigm shift going on. The old media really have had their day.

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8 reasons to get in on video advertising NOW!

Marketers, take notice.
Video is such a big part of the web and it’s getting better.


Video is becoming increasingly important for online marketing. Back in May Facebook announced new video metrics for Page Insights and Ads Reporting. This week they followed up with some numbers. Between May and July their numbers increased by 50% and since June they’ve had more than 1,000,000,000 video views on Facebook each day” according to this Facebook statement. That’s right people, 1 billion videos a day. Billion….

Facebook isn’t the only place for video though.
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Are the Stars of the New Screens Eclipsing the Old?

pewdiepie YouTube Banner
When YouTube stars like PewDiePie make $4M annually, Hollywood has no choice but to pay attention.

YouTube’s biggest star PewDiePie earns an estimated $4 million annually from ad revenue,  according to the Wall Street Journal. YouTube and its stars have featured prominently in the news ever since that Wall Street Journal article in June.

Hollywood is Taking YouTube Stars Seriously

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