The Power of Listening – An interview with Ann Hawkins


Ann Hawkins, a British business consultant, joins the show this week to talk about the power of listening, customer service and CRMs (customer relationship management systems).

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Whether you’re a newbie marketer, a SMB trying to get to grips with social media or just curious about marketing and social media, the podcast this week, hosted by Jon and Bernie along with guest Ann Hawkins, looks at some of the tools you might want to check out.

Ann Hawkins But it’s more than a run through of some cool tools; Ann leads the conversation into a discussion of trust and the important role it has in building your business network.

None of us are fans of business cards so we also discuss the way open Twitter lists can be a great way of sharing your network but also finding new contacts.

About Ann Hawkins

A business consultant based in the UK, Ann has been blogging since 2005 and is just finalizing a book for Pearson entitled “New Business: Next Steps”, which will be published in October 2014.

Ann says:

I’m insatiably curious about how businesses and people work and always keen to explore new ideas. The way social media has changed the relationships between businesses and customers is a major part of the strategy work I do with businesses.

Do check out Ann’s brilliant podcast, The Social Media Show, and visit her online at

You can follow Ann on Twitter.

Links mentioned in the show

  • Google Alerts – monitor the web
  • Melwater – an online media monitoring service
  • Zoho – CRM (Ann’s choice)
  • Nimble – Social CRM (Bernie and Jon’s choice)
  • Evercontact – for automatically updating your CRM
  • Asana – project management used by Jon and his team at JontusMedia
  • Mitch Joel – digital marketing strategist, speaker, podcaster, author and all-round smart guy
  • David Meerman Scott – online marketing strategist, speaker, author and another all-round smart guy

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