Updated: The five best iPhone HealthKit apps on iOS December 2014

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Two months ago we reported on our favorite iOS HealthKit apps at the time, but our choices were limited as most of the big apps took their sweet time to implement HealthKit. After a rough start, two months on things are looking a lot brighter as HealthKit adoption has improved. Now there seems to an almost endless supply of fitness apps wrestling for your disposable income.

Here is our new and updated list of our 5 favourite fitness trackers and health apps:

The five best fitness trackers on iPhone/iOS

Nike+ Running (Free)

Missing from our last list, Nike finally got their collective thumbs out and added HealthKit support. One of the oldest fitness trackers on the market, what Nike Run lacks in cutting edge features it makes up for in its userbase. The popular app is great if you want to track your runs and compete with your friends. The app encourages you with Nike sponsored athletes congratulating you on your latest run. It’s a nice touch, but this app lacks some social features and support for cyclists. If you want something more feature and data rich, try Strava (great for cyclists) or Map My Run. All three are free and available on Android as well.

Jawbone Up (Free)

If you have been reading our roundups you know we love fitness trackers, and Jawbone have just announced their new lineup of popular fitness bands with the UP3 and UPmove. Whether you use their fitness trackers or not, the Jawbone UP app is a great way to track what you eat, your sleep and your workouts. UP’s Smart Coach offers advice and encouragement, helping you achieve the goals you set within the app. This apps is one of the best looking and has possible the best UI of any fitness tracker I’ve used. UP also integrates with many other apps and accessories, so you can for example sync with Nest thermostats to help you achieve the perfect sleeping environment. Or set up automatic actions using Available on Android as well.

MyFitness Pal (Free)

MyFitness Pal has decent fitness tracker features but where it really shines is as a food tracker. Keeping a log of what you’re eating and tracking the nutritional content has never been easier. MyFitness Pal’s massive food database (4 million items and counting) removes a lot of the painful process of food tracking. You can even scan the barcodes on a lot of foods to input your meal data. The personal recipe function allows you to create your own recipes to quickly add foods you often prepare and the custom calculator makes counting up the totals slightly less annoying.

Endomondo (Free)

Endomondo is another new entry on this list. Unlike most other fitness trackers, Endomondo doesn’t just focus on fitness freaks. Like most of the apps on this list, it has all the basic fitness tracking functions but Endomondo is more for the outdoorsy types, so if you’re into kayaking, hiking or something else ‘wholesome’ this might be the app for you. Comes in ad-supported free and ad-free premium flavors.

Health Mate (Free)

Health Mate from WiThings tracks everyday activity and even your heart rate through the iPhone camera. While the stand alone app is not the most fully featured, Health Mate really comes into its own if you have any of WiThings’ compatible accessories. If you own for example their scale or blood pressure monitor you can automatically sync body weight, fat percentage, BMI, blood pressure and more.

Honorable Mentions

Here are apps that didn’t quite make it but deserve to be mentioned because they are hilarious or make users’ lives a bit easier.

Carrot Fit ($2.99)

If you want to know why you should check out this app, just check what I wrote last time:

Carrot Fit is also a fitness tracker of sorts but it only offers the ability to track weight and workouts. Mind you, from the opening “Hello chubby human” to its threats of violence, it’s pretty clear that Carrot Fit is not your typical fitness app. It offers encouragement (or perhaps coercion is a better word) and several home workout routines including moves like the Dragon Mating Dance and Protect your Property from Hobos. It’s not easy to combine fitness with humour but Carrot Fit manages to walk that line. If you are a fan of GLaDOS from Portal you will love this app for its sarcastic robot encouragement rather than its limited tracking functions.

If that doesn’t intrigue you then I can’t help you.

Sync Solver for Fitbit ($0.99)

Fitbit pissed off a lot of its users by not implementing HealthKit and has not backed down. If you use one their popular fitness trackers you were SOL, until now: Sync Solver for Fitbit allows you to sync your Fitbit data with the Health app. As it’s a third-party solution it’s not quite perfect and you have to do some tweaking to make it work the way you want. But it’s better than nothing.

If you are looking to improve productivity and health but you can’t be bothered to exercise, you could always take a break or even take a nap!


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