Case Study: How User Reviews Are Your Competitive Advantage

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Today there is an incredible amount of information available online to help you design the perfect experience for your customers.

Substandard customer experiences can no longer survive in the unforgiving world of user reviews and social media according to a recent article in the Entrepreneur by Jesse Torres.

Brand loyalty on the way down?

The facts:

But is this consumer influence only a negative for your business? No, because you can use it to tailor your products to better meet the demands of the market. And the information is free!

The article recommends 5 steps to make sure that your business can stand out in this competitive environment, but we are only going to focus on one of them today:

Using the power of user reviews to listen to consumers and design a better product.

Stop, Listen, Collaborate

Torres recommends using social media, forums and user reviews to survey consumer attitudes to your competitors’ or your own product/service.

But how much useful information is really available online? I decided to put it to the test and research at random the wireless HTPC (Home theater PC) keyboard mouse.

HTPCs are becoming increasingly popular as the line between TVs and computers blur but as yet there is no dominant interface device.

A quick survey of online retailers shows that the Logitech K400 is the top seller in this category with a favorable rating.

But is there a way to improve on it? A closer look at the reviews however shows that there are a number of consistent complaints in user reviews on Amazon, as well as on Logitech’s forums and on reddit.

Logitech k400



  • Poor Trackpad: “the trackpad is absolutely horrible”, “annoying to use mouse pad”, “The touch pad […] is highly over-sensitive”.
  • Poor Reception: “Barely works 8ft away with a clear line of sight”, “5 feet”, “Bad range”.
  • Keyboard Layout: “Logitech has removed half of the shift key on the right hand side of the keyboard for room to place the up arrow”, “Cramped keys”, “The keyboard itself has tendency to repeat keystrokes while trying to type”.
  • Tech Limitations: “Lord help you if you ever try to use something like this when you have USB 3.0”, “will just throw this keyboard in the trash and buy a real Bluetooth keyboard”, “There is no official Mac support and unsupported operation is very poor”.

From these reviews we can see that consumers want a Bluetooth, USB 3.0 compatible keyboard with a high quality trackpad – with gesture support.

When I checked the K400’s main competitor’s in the same way the complaints were the same. There was no competitor offering a keyboard that checked all – or even most – of these boxes.

There is so much information available – 4,377 reviews for this product alone on Amazon and Amazon should not be your only source – and many consumers take a great deal of care to communicate their issues with a product in great length.

It would be a negligent to let such good resources go to waste.


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