What’s Been Gooing on #5


Sebastian had spotty 4G coverage in the Japanese mountains this past week and I’m a bit late covering for him! Thanks to Ville for the first two articles and Sebastian for the latter two.

Facebook Bans “Like-gating”


No more forcing Facebook users to like your page before they can see custom content. Four years ago, Facebook encouraged like-gating your content but as of this week that’s changed.

Pages can also no longer force a user to use a social plug-in, or offer rewards in exchange for likes.

What this means for you: A collective groan from Page owners who are already struggling to increase their organic reach, but a cheer from Facebook users who view such practices as gimmicks. I encourage you to read Jon’s post, Is a Facebook Page Worth the Effort in 2014? for more information.

Reddit Bans Press from Sourcing Their Content


Reddit is tired of the press’s disrespect for its community. New press guidelines require the press to:

  • Get permission from individual redditors before sharing their posts in an article or news story.
  • Refrain from link-spamming. News organizations who join the site and self-promote will be, and have been, banned.

What this means for you: Reddit is not alone in wanting (rightly so) some respect. PR firms can be pretty guilty of sending bad pitches to bloggers. Jenny Lawson aka The Bloggess gets so many of them she replies with a special page she made of Wil Wheaton collating papers to demonstrate the irrelevance of their pitch.

Except one time one of them called her a “f*ck&ng b!tch” for doing so. This did not go well for the PR firm, because Lawson has a huge following.

Bottom line, respect content creators on the internet. Don’t steal, and don’t waste their time.

Three Crucial Mobile Payment Trends

Mobile payment systems haven’t really taken off as many experts predicted. Adoption has been sluggish and most people continue to use plastic for most transactions. Alberto Jimenez, director of mobile payments at IBM, highlights three trends that might change that.

What this means for you: You need to consider the benefits and drawbacks of mobile transactions to know whether mobile payments are right for your business.

  • Services Before and After the Transaction: the increased data available to mobile systems is a potential advantage.
  • Broad Usage of “Cards on File”: app ecosystems often have a ‘card on file’ type system that makes payments easier.
  • Increased Security: with recent stories of data theft, security is always an issue. Tokenization and other initiatives are aiming to restore consumer faith in mobile payments.

Mobile payments are on the rise and properly utilised can make your business more attractive.

John Oliver Tackles Native Advertising

A couple of weeks old but still good, former Daily Show correspondent John Oliver discusses the difficult relationship between the news and advertising and the problem of native advertising.

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