What’s been gooing on #9


Summer is coming to an end and but the tech news isn’t slowing down. The biggest stories this week where Apple announcing iPhone 6 and Apple Watch, but what else has been gooing on?

  • Is Apple Pay vulnerable to hackers?
  • What does the future hold for the next Apple Watch?
  • Is Instagram in denial about their drug problem?
  • Can cats run a Pizza Hut?

Read on to find out about this weeks gooiest stories.

How Hackers Could Get Around Apple Pay Security

The wallet is dead, long live Apple Pay! As we discussed in our last post, Apple Pay will have to overcome a lot of obstacles to become a viable mobile payment system. Not least of those problems is the issue of security. Cadie Thompson writing for the Entrepreneur lists some potential vulnerabilities in the Apple Pay system.

Take away: Apple Pay uses a lot of clever technology to make it secure, but no system is 100 percent safe. Apple Pay’s system does make large scale breaches like Home Depot less likely. If your store is planning to accept Apple Pay you need to worry about smaller scale fraud. I still think the lack of NFC infrastructure in stores is a bigger problem initially.

Apple Watch 2 Rumours Start, 6 Months Before Apple Watch Release

The title says it all. The rumour mill has already started on the next iteration of the Apple Watch. Rumour mongers not satisfied with the conventional passage of time have decided to jump the gun and proclaim that Apple Watch 2 will feature more biometric sensors.

Take Away: Surprisingly, Apple Watch 2 will be an improvement on the first generation Apple Watch.

Putting the gram in Instagram

Instagram is the internet’s repository of pictures of cats, meals and fixed gear bikes. It also happens to be a really convenient and popular way to sell drugs. VentureBeat’s Fletcher Babb reports on the thriving Instagram drug market and how little the Facebook owned company is doing to stop it.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Cats

Cats, pizza and youtube. It’s a match made in heaven and a wonder that no one has done it before. Pizza Hut in Japan has opened a cat run branch and the results are as cute as you would expect.

Have a gooi weekend!


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    buon giorno, innanzi tutto grazie del tempo che mettete a disposizione per i nostri dubbi; una domanda quale dovrebbe essere il livello con cui viene assunto un laureato con mansione di junior controller in azienda metalmeccanica?ringrazio anticipatamente

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    de verschillen26 november 2012 22:40Hahahahaha, hijs fijn.Zie Dankbaars commentaar op Als de ogen op gelijke hoogte zijn, maar de neuspunt, lippen en kin ongeveer een centimeter lager, hoe kunnen dit dan dezelfde personen zijn? Wil je werkelijk volhouden dat die neuzen tot één en dezelfde persoon behoren?Tsja. De ene Wim Dankbaar is de andere niet.

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