What’s been gooing on this week #2

Jon Stewart CNN Kickstarter

Gooibiz is back again with another round-up of gooi stories that might slipped through the digital cracks. Is Jon Stewart going to buy CNN? Have Amazon become their own worst enemy in the cloud computing space? Read on to find out more.

The Daily Show
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Jon Stewart moves to buy CNN
First up is comedian Jon Stewart’s fake Kickstarter to buy CNN. As Rupert Murdoch vies to buy the few mass media companies not yet under his control, CNN are in a precarious position. If Murdoch acquires Time-Warner in a $80 billion plus deal, CNN will be sold of as it competes with Fox News. Jon Stewart’s modest proposal is to crowdsource the funds to buy CNN and the rewards look amazing. $25,000 to do molly with Fareed Zakaria, anyone? Be sure to check out the video.

Amazon AWS facing challengers

Has Amazon’s aggressive race to the bottom in pricing created a problem for them in the cloud computing space? Yes, according to Jack Clark at the Register. While their business model of low prices has been undeniably successful for Amazon in the past, Amazon’s cloud computing competitors are making life difficult. With Google and Microsoft slashing their prices  to undercut the competition, Amazon has been forced to lower their margins on one of their most profitable products.

Is responsive design killing mobile?
Next up is a thought provoking article by Iris Mobile CEO, Cezar Kolodziej, on Venturebeat about responsive design. There is no across-the-board answer to whether your business should run a responsive design or a dedicated mobile site according Kolodziej. Instead a number of different factors determine what is the best fit. Read on to find out more.

Are You Really Still Using Business Cards?
Finally we have a controversial article about the necessity of business cards. Do we still need them in an increasingly digital space? Shadi Khattab argues in an article featured on Linkedin that they are no longer effective. While responses to this article have been mixed it is an interesting way to start thinking about how we interact beyond the business card.

Did we miss anything

So there was a lot going on this week in the land of gooibiz. What’s your favorite story of the week ?

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